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A Harry Potter RPG

Engorgio RPG
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All Members , Moderated
WELCOME: to Engorgio, a Harry Potter role playing game [here after initialed 'RPG']. This community will home adult situations, and looks to be as canon as possible. We're looking for mature (though experience isn't necessary), and active role-players with an interest in both relationship and event aimed journals.

STORYLINES:...are entirely up to you. However, the roles of Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort will not be open for role-play applicants, as they may be needed for mandatory role-play plots. The students will be in the their sixth year. This will be a VERY dark RPG, character death included.

ACTIVE? Activeness is good. Very good. One post a week is what's required of you. The more the better. If your character hasn't posted in two weeks, without prior notice, you will be kicked out of the community. We do understand that life does exist outside of RPG's. If a vacation/family issue (or anything of the sort) comes up, and you won't have either the time to post, or no internet access: just make sure the moderators are informed.

CHARACTER PERSONALITY: Stay in character. That's all we ask. Draco Malfoy WiLl NOt StaRt TypInG liKe hE ThIs. Ron Weasley will not refer to anyone as a 'homie'. Harry Potter will not start sexing up McGonagall. Filch will not start painting flowers on the school walls. Dumbledore will not wear jeans and t-shirt.

RELATIONSHIPS: Nothing (much) is taboo. As aforementioned, Smut/Slash/Het...anything. Though, teacher/student relationships will not be allowed, except for special cases. If Snape/? is what you want, present your case to a mod, and go from there. All NC-17 or sexually oriented logs/posts must be put behind an LJ cut: no exceptions.

ROLE PLAYING: RPing will be done using AOL instant messenger (AIM). There are no restrictions with screen names. Using your personal SN is fine. Using an In-character SN is also fine.

JOIN? Great! Once having read all the above rules, please fill out the application
at the bottom of this page. All character journals LJ handle/screen name must
have some affiliation with said character (Example: Hermione's handle
will not be "hotstuff69696"). If your character already has a movie actor...use
that actor for your user icons (Example: Daniel Radcliffe will be used for Harry). If no actor/actress is given, feel free to choose your own. But, don't overdo it.

CHARACTER LIST: All characters without a journal link beside them are open for play. OC's are currently not being accepted.

001. Harry Potter
002. Ronald Weasley (*prefect)
003. Neville Longbottom
004. Seamus Finnigan
005. Dean Thomas
006. Colin Creevey
007. Hermione Granger
008. Lavender Brown
009. Parvati Patil
010. Ginny Weasley

001. Draco Malfoy (*prefect)
002. Vincent Crabbe
003. Gregory Goyle
004. Theodore Nott
005. Blaise Zabini
006. Pansy Parkinson (*prefect)
007. Tracey Davis
008. Millicent Bulstrode
009. Daphne Greengrass

001. Terry Boot
002. Stephen Cornfoot
003. Anthony Goldstein
004. Kevin Entwhistle
005. Morag MacDougal
006. Mandy Brocklehurst
007. Sarah Fawcett
008. Lisa Turpin
09. Padma Patil
010. Luna Lovegood
011. Cho Chang

001. Justin Finch-Fletchley
002. Ernie McMillan (*prefect)
003. Wayne Hopkins
004. Hannah Abbott
005. Susan Bones (*prefect)
006. Megan Jones
007. Sally-Anne Perks

Hogwarts Faculty
001. McGonagall (transfiguration)
002. Snape (potions)
003. Remus Lupin (DADA)
004. Flitwick (charms)
005. Trelawney (divination)
006. Sprout (herbology)

Alumni and Multi-Campus Students
001. Charlie Weasley
002. Oliver Wood
003. Fred Weasley
004. George Weasley
005. Fleur Delacour
006. Viktor Krum
007. Lucius Malfoy
008. Narcissa Malfoy
009. Bill Weasley

APPLICATION: Please make sure you've read all the rules thoroughly before taking the time to fill this application out. Once you've finished, please email the mods with your potential character name in the subject line. If you don't hear from the moderators within a period of 5 days, your application has been denied. If your application is accepted, you will be emailed with any further instructions.

Date of Birth:
Ships on which you sail:
Experience RP (again: not required, but if you do have past experience, please be specific)?

Background (if not mentioned in the books):
Appearance (if not mentioned in the books):
Personality/Traits (if not mentioned in the books):
Sample Journal Entry (At least 100 words):

CONTACT INFO: If there are any other further questions and/or suggestions, or any concerns, please email the mods at: EngorgioRPG@aol.com, or via AIM at: Engorgio RPG