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OOC I'm kinda confused. Do we have weekly meetings? Or just IM? And I'm pondering why there aren't more posts...
By the by, my computer at home has decided that LJ shouldn't work. Or that it doesn't exist. Or something. So all posts for awhile will be made from school or work, and will probably be uber short.

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Hey.. is this RP starting on the first of September? Or are we keeping up with real time and its already November? I don't want to post in my journal and it be all wrong or anything. ^^


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So, maybe you hadn't noticed, but: November 1st is drawing near. Oh, fuck - it's in two days. (That's Saturday, guys!)

We're planning on getting started at 9 pm EST. If you can't be there, don't worry, it's not a huge issue.

BUT: we do need a list of AIM SN's. IC handle's are not required.

- Em

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I decided to pimp out this rpg a bit more. I realllllly hope you don't mind. I basically just put what you had, so it's not like I changed it or anything. I think I posted it to.. 'great_hall' 'hprpgpromotions' 'hprpsearch' and 'hpotterchars' I know four.. I'm fairly sure that's all of them.

Oh.. and PS.. I can't wait for this to start! *Squeal*
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